Chapter 2 – The experimental phase of NEO Thrash

The NEO-Thrash

(The 90s)


For some the scene and the music collapse – for others it is an enrichment. The music evolves. The young people of the 80s are growing up, orienting themselves around or starting to experiment with their bands. At the beginning of the 90s, German Thrash Metal experienced an expansion through international influences from South America, Sweden and Co. There is also the resurgence of TV music channels and new trends. Das Tape-Trading der 80er ist Geschichte. Internet und TV lösen langsam das Radio ab. Musically, everything becomes a bit more melodic and experimental – groove and grunge have an impact. And new styles are developing from the classic Thrash Metal sound of the 80s. Life and fan culture are also developing overall. In Germany there is the reunion – many bands from the 80s end their music careers, others bring new albums onto the market. While Sodom stays true to the 80s sound, for example, Kreator experimented ,with a changed sound, in the mid 90s. In this phase the basic fan culture also changes – the age of NEO Thrash is initiated.

The organizer and concert landscape is changing. Some of the cult clubs in the 80s break away, the legendary parties in the Ruhrpott are fewer and take no longer place. Bands like Sepultura, Pantera and At the Gates take over the reins. It’s the silence before the storm – Thrash Metal in Germany is going astray and the spirit of the 80s seems to be forgotten more and more. It works like a cry for modern music and for reason inside the people, towards an orderly life. The wild time seems to have finally come to an end.

In Chapter 2 of Total Thrash, we spoke to fans and bands of the 90s and we also spoke with both, supporters and opponents, of this development.


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