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The collapse of Thrash Metal in the 90s

Durin the 90s the German Thrash Metal movement suffered a deep slump. Many bands broke up, the music got new influences and became more experimental.


The Thrash Metal genre drawers

At first, many weren't even aware of the genres the bands had developed there in the 80s. A lot of things flowed into each other here, arose simply out of fun with the music or by chance.


Cross the border with studded belts

Sabina from Holy Moses tells us about her first experiences at foreign gigs. Without a record deal but with a lot of studded belts, the band crossed the border. In the clubs, they played for beer. The controls were much tougher than they are today.


German Thrash vs. International

Lorenz Kandolf from the thrash metal band Traitor from Balingen gives a brief insight into the differences between German Teutonic Thrash Metal and the American Bay Area sound.


The Emscherschule youth center

Andreas `` Stoney '' Stein accompanies the band Kreator to this day and has witnessed the founding phase including the first gigs in the youth center Emscherschule. It was the beginning of a scene evolment for German Thrash Metal.


The role of the record mafia in the GDR

As it was difficult for Fans in the GDR to get new records they organized their own network. So it became a real national sport to copy and swap new music across the whole country. A kind of `` record mafia '' emerged.


Founding of the Thrash Metal band Darkness

Darkness was born out of a beer mood. Although none of the boys was able to play an instrument at the time, drummer and singer Andreas “Lacky” Lakaw continued the project and brought the boys to Thrash Metal


The influence of Pleasure to Kill

In 1986 Jürgen `` Ventor '' Reil and his guys from Kreator were not aware of the influence their second album `` Pleasure to Kill '' would have on many fans and bands to this day. The work became a cult album.


The fan culture of Thrash Metal

The fan culture of Thrash Metal has always been a very special format. Bernemann von Bonded (previously Sodom) gives a brief insight into this.


The influence of the Bay Area on German Thrash

From 1983 on, American records such as Exciter, Exodus, Metallica and Slayer came to Germany and had an influence on culture and fans in Germany. Gerre von Tankard tells us about his first points of contact.


Sodom affectionately called me `` Drill Sergeant Harris ''

Producer Harris Johns was affectionately nicknamed `` Drill Sergeant Harris '' by Sodom during the recording. The sound in the studio was sometimes a bit harder, but overall the process was costly and they wanted to work professionally.

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