Chapter 3 . The Thrash Metal revolution

Between offspring and new generations

(Modern times)

Is it a scream for old school thrash metal or is it more a feeling to revive the 80s? Are it the following generations of the fathers from the 80s, who want to follow in their fathers footsteps and want to play Thrash Metal of the harder kind? It’s like a request to the fan culture and the thrash metal scene, that emerged around the turn of the millennium. Events overlap within a few months: Schmier returns to Destruction, Sodom is writing the legendary M-16 album and Kreator’s new record Violent Revolution shoots one of the Coma of Souls skulls at it. Musically, a Thrash Metal inferno from the 80s brand shouts out of the speakers. What follows is a combined tour of the three biggest German Thrash Metal bands. Many fands see these events as a turning point and a new beginning of the Thrash Metal era.

New concerts and festivals are following. And the most important point is: New and young Thrash Metal bands are founded. These are partly characterized by their own sound line and try to couple this with 80s Thrash Metal. The fan scene evolves again. It’s different overall from the 80s, but there’s life in the game again. The last chapter of Total Thrash illuminates the revolution of Thrash Metal in modern times. We talked to many young up-and-coming bands, fans and organizers and give an outlook on the future.


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